Front end

Twitter Bootstrap
CSS Grid framework and jQuery plugins used to create this web site
Used for simple DOM manipulation and AJAX.
JS Design Patterns
Module, Singleton, PubSub/Observer Subscriber

Back end

Drupal 8
The latest and greatest in Drupal.
Varnish HTTP Accelerator
A super fast reverse proxy server to serve up cached pages as static HTML
The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is a free and open opcode cache for PHP.
This caches SQL queries into memory for a huge performance boost
Apache Solr
Apache Solr was used to index this site and is much faster than the default drupal search
Installed cert and enabled HTTP/2


Blacklists IP Addresses that try to brute force my SSH and automatically reports them to their ISP
Scans logs of other services for suspicous behavior and bans an IP Address for a set amount of time
Tiger auditing/intrusion detection
Tiger scans the system looking for ways to increase security and detect intrusions
Mod Security
An Apache application firewall that protects against malicous attacks
Mod Evasive
Helps protect apache from a DDoS attack


Site Map XML
You can specify which types of content go into your site map and submit them to the major search engines
Global Redirect
When the site is queried for a file that wasn't found, it smartly searches for broken alias and does a 301 redirect
The navigation bar is at the bottom of the page, moving the more relevant content in the page to the top of the code
Best Practices
I always use WWW in my domains (to not split your ranking between 2 domains), I use heading tags to specify more important content, I use targeted keywords, I submit my site to all the major search engines, etc.


Hosting is setup through linode.com, allowing me to configure the VPS however I want
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
It was either Ubuntu or Fedora/CentOS, I would have loved to get my hands on a copy of Red Hat
Web server with very custom configuration, I'm currently working on switching this to nginx for SSL/TLS termination and caching
Git is being used as the version control for this site
A mail server I setup for this domain (still working out some kinks)
IMAP/POP3 server for storing emails


Server Upgrades
Varnish, Memcache, APC and potentially Akamai give the site the ability to scale extremely well
Not really necessary for this site, but if we supported Drupal Users Autchcache would be critcal since Drupal Users bypass all caching (very bad)
Scaling Modules
I get crazy looks when I say this but I don't use Views (and many other commonplace modules) simply because they do not scale well


Responsive Design
As the width of your monitor gets smaller, this website responds by stacking the columns of the site on top of each other
Fluid Layout
When between different resolutions this design will strech to fit the screen no matter the width
Mobile Site
Try viewing this site on your mobile device, and you'll get an experience optimized just for you


This site's HTML validates against the W3C Validator
All JavaScript passes JSLint code quality


I typically use Agile/Scrum, but this site is just a personal project and doesn't need it
Rapid Development
Using these frameworks allows me to do development rapidly and meet deadlines
Any bug tracking system will do, but JIRA is really nice, especially when backed up by confluence